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List of M.E./M.Tech Branches

A Master of Engineering/Technology degree will usually be undertaken in one field of engineering, which is sometimes noted in the degree postnominals, as in ME(Aero) or MEng(Elec). Common fields for the Master of Engineering/Technology degree include the following fields:

Sl.no Branch
1 Bio-Technology
2 Geo-Technical Engineering
3 Geo-Environmental Engineering
4 Structural Engineering
5 Infrastructure Engineering
6 Urban Transportation Engineering
7 Transportation Engineering
8 Computer Networks and Information Security
9 Computer Science
10 Information Technology
11 Software Engineering
12 Bio- Informatics
13 Electrical Power Engineering
14 Power Electronics
15 Digital Systems and Computer Electronics
16 Systems and Signal Processing
17 Embedded Systems
18 Environmental Geomatics
19 Environmental Management
20 Energy Systems
21 Nano-Technology
22 Chemical Technology
23 Spatial Information Technology
24 Geo-Informatics and Survey Technology
25 Watershed and Environmental Tech.
26 Advanced Manufacturing Systems
27 Thermal Engineering
28 Engineering Design
29 Bio- chemical Engineering

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