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How to Choose Top Management courses in India during admission in top MBA colleges

Management study in India has got a large number of advantages, from becoming industry ready to receiving a high salary. However, for studying management courses proper choice of specialization is very important. There are a large number of areas for the study of management that includes agribusiness management, international business management, finance management, human resources management, etc.

If you are looking for management study in India then it is very important that you choose a course of study with utmost care and thoughtfulness. There are many areas for specialization in the study of management. You must have a clear understanding of all the types of courses to know how to choose top management courses in India? Several management colleges in India offer about seven to eight areas for specialization. Some of the most common specializations along with emerging ones are human resource, communications, finance, forest management, agribusiness, rural management, insurance and risk management, etc. While you take admission for management study in India you need to look at the kinds of skills you have got. This will help you to decide whether you are suitable for a particular specialization in management.

Rural management

Development at the grass root level of our society i.e. in the villages now depends largely upon the quality of the rural managers. A post graduation degree in business administration with specialization in rural management helps one to get jobs in various kinds of NGOs and people’s organizations besides agribusiness firms, news agencies, government bodies, etc. They remain responsible mainly for proper rural development through their activities. The students therefore, primarily must have an in-depth understanding of the rural structure in India, good mass communication skills to communicate better with the rural mass, etc. Top MBA colleges like many IIMs including Ahmadabad offer rural management courses.

Forest management

With increasing environment problems and habitat destruction the specialization of forest management has gained a lot of importance over the recent past. The increasing concern of both government authorities and corporate bodies has increased the need for forest managers. With a MBA degree in forest management can fetch a student jobs for environment management, ecotourism, wildlife management, etc in both the government and private sector. IIFM in India has record for 100 percent placement of their students after completion of forest management courses.

Communication management

Though this is offered as an integrated area of study in most other management courses recently it has also been started as a full-time specialization course in many MBA colleges in India, MICA of Ahmadabad being one of them. Specializing in communication helps one to get jobs in brand communication and management, media management, marketing research, advertising management, etc.

Finance management

One of the most common courses of management studies that have not lost its charm even after many years of its existence is management in finance. All sorts of organizations need finance managers to take care of their assets and proper management of wealth. The finance managers need to be good with numbers and it is desirable that they have specialization in Accountancy. They get a very lucrative offer from all sorts of corporate houses. High demand for finance managers gives them an edge over other management graduates because they get a higher security placement after completion of their course.

Human resource management

Many companies nowadays are largely depended on their human assets or human resources. It is for this reason the employees are compared no less than assets and hence, they give them utmost importance. Employers treat their employees with proper care so that they can become highly productive. Therefore, the proper management of the employees is required and for the purpose human resource managers are required. Human resource managers must be good at communication. They are required to therefore do a lot of work for the company starting from interviewing the candidates for jobs, staffing, etc.

Insurance and risk management

With increasing investment in life insurance and people understanding the need for insurance the sector has developed manifold in India. This has helped the growth of large number of insurance companies in the country. The need for insurance and risk managers was thus felt. Therefore, it has emerged as a separate specialization of management study in India. When you check for the list of top MBA colleges in India you will find that quite many among them offer this specialization of management. Insurance and risk management students come from varied backgrounds such as BBA, B. Com, B. Sc, MBBS, B. Tech, etc. The insurance and risk management students must be strong with numbers and should have an analytical bent of mind.

There are many such specializations that a management student can do to get ready for the corporate world. However, if the specialization field is selected by seeing the required skills for the course it can help develop a bright and successful career.

Author Bio:

The author, Kamlesh Maddheshiya has worked as career counsellor for more than a decade and now works for one of the leading print media house as a career journalist. He also maintains his own blog on career guidance.

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