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Everything You Need To Know About Engineering Sector In Dubai

The write up discusses growing job segment of UAE, particularly Dubai. Explore about the available job opportunities in different engineering industries, about establishing yourself as an entrepreneur in UAE, and about the work visas.

Recently, Naukri Gulf conducted a survey, which suggests the companies and recruiters in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) are planning to hire technical workforce in the first quarter of 2014. Blame the gap between demand and supply of skilled workforce, which became a big issue among the employers who found it pretty difficult to hire talented pool of professionals with at least 4-8 years of experience. There is continuous demand being driven from the neighboring nations, the UAE is beginning to revitalize its talent pool for projects in 2014.

UAE also has posed demands for around 90,000 engineers from different streams to meet the increased demands from the new projects arising on the back of Dubai’s World Expo 2020. The experts from the domain have cleared the wave by suggesting that a number of new job opportunities will arise in the years to come, led by growth in the labor-intensive engineering and manufacturing sectors. By 2020, the number of engineers, both expats and locales is expected to go up to 90,000, owing to the ever-increasing numbers of infrastructural projects in place.


The highest paying segments in UAE, which are construction and energy sectors, have showcased huge demands for engineers who are both experienced and fresher. Dubai, an important business destination of the Middle East and the business hub of UAE, has begun to attract more and more financial investments from the leading international players from all over the world. It has been a luxurious tourist paradise past many years and has also given employments to various people from every part of the country with its rapidly developing industrial environment.

There has been an increased demand for engineering professionals in various domains like:
  •  Mechanical engineering with specialization in Automotive, Biomedical, Naval, among others 
  • Electrical engineering with specialization in Communications, Computers, Electronic Systems and Development of software
  • Civil engineering with specialization in Construction And Architecture
  • Chemical engineering in the areas of Agriculture, Environmental Protection and Food
  • Petroleum engineering in the areas of Gas, Geomatics and Metallurgy
Mechanical engineering and civil engineering jobs in Dubai remain the most sought after job profiles owing to great remuneration packages and career prospects.


AeroSpace Engineering

Counted among the highly paying job profiles, aerospace engineering profiles offers great remuneration packages and career prospects. The job allows working on the multidisciplinary projects, aerospace designs and development of aircrafts by making use of aerodynamics, avionics, propulsion and materials science. 

Median Salary: 21,181 AED

Eligibility: Bachelor’s degree in aerospace or an allied engineering stream.

Engineering Managers

The engineering managers are responsible to oversee the engineering projects and processes. The tasks of engineering managers also include managing people and budgets, as well as measuring and evaluating results.

Median Salary: 16,550 AED

Eligibility: Bachelor’s degree in engineering, MBA is an added advantage.

Petroleum Drilling Engineers

Designing and implementing systems to extract petroleum from earth was never so highly paying. Nevertheless, Dubai offers some exclusive job opportunities and fat salary packages to drilling engineers. The field is full of challenges and gets more and more interesting with time and experience.

Median Salary: 20,000 AED

Eligibility: Bachelor’s degree in petroleum, chemical, civil or mechanical engineering.

Civil Engineers

The overwhelming numbers of construction and infrastructural projects have posed demands for civil engineers in bulk. Get well paid for construction work with those civil engineering jobs in Dubai.

Median Salary: 14,085 AED

Eligibility: Bachelor’s degree in civil or mechanical engineering.


Apart from finding jobs with the reputed companies, there also lies an open option to start up a business. Here are some of the tips for the aspiring engineering entrepreneurs in cities like Dubai


Being a self-employed in UAE means a lot, but the major hurdle remains finding a sponsor. This is the issue, which comes across for every new entrepreneur in UAE, and to overcome this, you would need to pay a personal visit to the region where you wish to start up your venture and talk to the locales for your sponsorships. Obviously, this is extremely important to check the market conditions in the area of your interest. Sponsorship can only be provided by company or by an individual, who is legally registered.

You may feel that negotiating with the sponsors is a hard time to start up with, but the consequences are certainly worth invest in your time and money. Either the fee charged by them is a flat annual rate, which you would need to pay in regular installments, or he may charge you a percentage share of your revenue. Experts recommend to consult a local lawyer abut the prospective deals with your sponsor.

Initiating a Business

Before you start thinking about starting any venture UAE, consider these:

1. You are well versed with the local language, at least speaking.

2. The majority interest should be held by a local partner, it may be an individual or a company.

3. After you get your business registered, make it a point to show the Ministry of Commerce that you have substantial money to invest in.

Obtaining work visa

Definitely, you would need to have a work visa to work in UAE. The work visa is usually granted after you have signed the contract. To obtain the visa, you would need:
  • A valid passport 
  • Age between 18 and 60 
  • Medical Certificates (you must be free of diseases like tuberculosis, HIV, hepatitis C, among others) 
  • Legalized professional title for the nearest UAE Embassy. 

Dubai is the city, which has grown in leaps and bounds. Having won the Best Economic Potential Award, Best Quality of Life for Expats Award, Best Telecommunications & Transport Award, and Most Business Friendly Award, Dubai is the best place you can consider working for!

In short, despite the economic crisis, Dubai maintains its strength in the employment needs of high performance, so that the migrant must be adaptive and dynamic in its insertion into the labor market Dubai. Finding a job in the job market of Dubai is different from what takes place in the Western world. It is important to see how the economy of the emirate behaves. In addition, the type of industries or businesses that exist should be well researched before. So, all the best for your job search!

Author Bio: 
Rashmi Karan is a professional writer who has written for a plethora of job related websites, particularly for the Gulf region. She writes about the latest Gulf job industry trends and offers solution to all career related queries and dilemmas.

Everything You Need To Know About Engineering Sector In Dubai

The write up discusses growing job segment of UAE, particularly Dubai. Explore about the available job opportunities in different engineeri...

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