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Everything You Need To Know About Engineering Sector In Dubai

The write up discusses growing job segment of UAE, particularly Dubai. Explore about the available job opportunities in different engineering industries, about establishing yourself as an entrepreneur in UAE, and about the work visas.

Recently, Naukri Gulf conducted a survey, which suggests the companies and recruiters in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) are planning to hire technical workforce in the first quarter of 2014. Blame the gap between demand and supply of skilled workforce, which became a big issue among the employers who found it pretty difficult to hire talented pool of professionals with at least 4-8 years of experience. There is continuous demand being driven from the neighboring nations, the UAE is beginning to revitalize its talent pool for projects in 2014.

UAE also has posed demands for around 90,000 engineers from different streams to meet the increased demands from the new projects arising on the back of Dubai’s World Expo 2020. The experts from the domain have …

5 Important Things to Do for a Stable Career

Stable Career is not always synonymous to a stable job. You may have a stable job but what if you are not happy with it. Your career is the occupation that you choose that has significant opportunities for you to grow further. In order to have a stable career, you must know some important things that will give you a stable career.

The education system demands to make a decision of career choice at a very early stage and it is almost not practical to decide what the future will hold if you chose a particular career path. Therefore shifting through a number of career options at the beginning of a career is not shocking. Some do that at an early stage, some take time to realize that the path is wrong and some lucky ones hit the bulls’ eye right in the beginning. Switching jobs in the first five years of career is not something that can land you to trouble. But what is important is to land up to a job which you like. There are many professionals out there who do not like their profession…

5 Ways to Select a Relevant Thesis Topic

Undergrad or graduate students in general always encounter this one difficulty when it comes to developing a thesis, that is selecting a thesis topic. As there are hundreds and thousands of topics for everyone to use, but selecting the best topic is the big challenge on the picture. One has to know which particular niche is most suited for your chosen field, which shows the most interesting, and most especially which has the most vast number of resources. Let us be honest here, no matter how compelling or exceptional your topic is, if the resources are insufficient, then it is pointless to devote time and effort to the thesis.

A thesis topic is the very first thing that someone who is studying under a bachelor’s degree or doctoral program needs to come up with. At first, there are tons of topics you can think of and then it comes down to 10 to 5 and then down to only one. But unfortunately, that singular topic becomes unavailable because of a gazillion of reasons.

And so, here are a f…

How to Choose Top Management courses in India during admission in top MBA colleges

Management study in India has got a large number of advantages, from becoming industry ready to receiving a high salary. However, for studying management courses proper choice of specialization is very important. There are a large number of areas for the study of management that includes agribusiness management, international business management, finance management, human resources management, etc.

If you are looking for management study in India then it is very important that you choose a course of study with utmost care and thoughtfulness. There are many areas for specialization in the study of management. You must have a clear understanding of all the types of courses to know how to choose top management courses in India? Several management colleges in India offer about seven to eight areas for specialization. Some of the most common specializations along with emerging ones are human resource, communications, finance, forest management, agribusiness, rural management, insurance and…

MSc. in IITs via JAM-2014

We know the IITs  are mostly preferable of Engineering courses. But the IITs found the necessity of research in sciences also and made availability the programs  in MSc., Joint MSc.,-PhD., MSc., PhD-dual degree and post Bachelor degree.  In this aspect the IISP., Bengaluru offers the Integrated PhD course.  Admissions will be made through the ‘Joint Admission Test for MSc(JAM) every year.  JAM, 2014 will be conducted by IIT, Kanpur this year.  The details are as follows:

The following are the Institutions offering MSc through JAM, 2014. IIT Mumbai IIT  Delhi IIT Guwahati IIT  Kanpur IIT  Khargpur IIT Chennai IIT  Rurkee IIT  Bhuvaneswar IIT  Gandhinagar IIT Hyderabad (MSc, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics) IIT  Indoor IISC  Bengaluru Eligibility : For admission into IISC- Bengaluru the candidates  should have pass with  60%  of marks  to the category of   General and BCs   and  50% of marks for STs and SCs  in respective subjects in  bachelor degree.For admission into IITs  the candid…

PhD After M.E/M.Tech? Don’t Panic, It Is The Best Choice

When talking about engineering, we should talk about the post graduation degrees ‘Master of Engineering’ and ‘Master of Technology’. When done with P.G. one old question would rise, what is the next step to take? Majority of the people would stop with P.G. itself and search for job in concerned industries. And most of them don’t know further scope of the education after M.E./M.Tech.
Master of Engineering(M.E) and Master of Technology(M.Tech) are the research based courses that are available in India. These Post Graduation(P.G.) Courses are equivalent to the M.Phil(Master of Philosophy) post graduation degrees in the research fields of ‘Sciences’ and ‘Humanities’. M.E./M.Tech courses are designed to skillify the students in the specializations of respective branches. The skills acquired from these post graduation degrees leaves a lot of options ahead.
Generally four career options will be available after M.E/M.Tech.
To proceed to PhD. To get a job in the related industry. To enter into…

Choosing a Career for Life

Career and Life Career illustrates a persons’ journey through education, employment and other facets of life. Career and life go hand in hand, even though some people hold different opinions regarding career and life. A successful career is motivating and a reason why many people work hard in schools as others struggle to join the best schools in town. Over and above, a successful career reflects a valuable life where one is assured of job/money security, family happiness, comfort, flexibility, independence among many more.

Career choice A career choice is a decision that an individual arrives at ahead of employment or learning. This is one of the important factors to consider before embarking on training or even soliciting employment. Career choice depends on 3 factors which include objective, subjective and critical contact factor hypothesis.
Objective factor hypothesis – Presupposes that job seekers are rational. The selection is made subsequent to objective evaluation of the valuab…